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Six Metal is a specialist in tailor-made aluminium solutions. We value and care for long-term relations with our customers. We lay on our knowledge of product quality and supply methods to all aspects of design and development for your needs.

Together with our whole team, we are ready to assist you. Six Metal supplies services to its clients with its wide range of products 1250, 1350, 1600, 2200, 2700, 3500 and 5500 tons of press lines. We can support you with all your requests from 0.020 kg/m profiles to 70 kg/m.

We have managed to build a solid network of customers who admire our efforts and understand what we stand for. As you will notice, we only provide high-quality products. In addition, we are well-known for our short and reliable delivery periods.

All of these reasons, make us an ideal business partner for you.

We are happy to be your next aluminium supplier.

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Advantages of Aluminium

One of the most lightweight metals is aluminium in the era. It is easy to design and shape. Also, aluminium is a very durable metal. Aluminium can be softened, shaped, processed, and extruded, that is, produced in a variety of ways, and then manufactured to suit a wide mixture of usages. Aluminium is used in a huge variety of products including cans, foils, kitchen utensils, window frames, constructions, special designs, beer kegs, and airplane parts.


The low thickness of aluminium and the high weight-to-power ratio nourish benefits in a large number of industrial applications.


With alloying and proper heat treatment, its mechanical properties can reach a level comparable to steel. With these effects, aluminum is widely used in automotive, defense and machine building, aerospace, etc. it has become an indispensable part of the sectors.

Easy to Form

Aluminium alloys; cold or hot forming methods such as Rolling, extrusion, forging allow for a wide range of cross-section production.

Easy To Process

Aluminum is a metal that is extremely suitable for the extrusion process. It speeds up the production process due to the fact that the alloy processes can be completed quickly. After the mold production is completed, production can be started directly with the desired alloy.


Aluminium is strongly resistant to any weather conditions. It is also corrosion-resistant to many acids. Another benefit of aluminum is a good reflector of visible light as well as heat.


Used aluminium parts can be recycled to produce new materials. In addition, aluminum recycling saves a large amount of energy in production.

Why Aluminium ?

Aluminium extrusion is the method used to form lengths of aluminium of specified profiles.

The process of aluminum extrusion is fairly easy to understand.

In aluminium extrusion, the die is held fixed and the aluminium billet is forced through the die using a moving ram.

Aluminum extrusion is used in the manufacture of solid rods, bars, and hollow tubes. The structure of the tool can be modified to produce a wide multiplicity of hollow and solid profiles.

The melting duration of aluminum is almost 660° Centigrade. Aluminium extrusion operations typically take place with billet heated to temperatures over 375°C, and - depending upon the alloy being extruded - as high as 500°C.

Aluminium extrusion is generally used in construction, automobile and aircraft manufacture, industrial machinery, and consumer goods.

There are three main categories of extruded shapes:

Solid, with no enclosed voids or openings

Hollow, with one or more voids

Semi-hollow, with a partially enclosed void

Exposing metals to certain conditions such as air and humidity creates a metal-oxide layer on the exposed surface. The oxide layer is inactive, which means it no longer reacts with the conditions the way the pure metal does.

Aluminum naturally initiates a layer of oxide when in touch with moisture or air. The layer of oxide formed is not overly porous or flaky, and it acts as protection blocking any further oxidation of the aluminum.

What are the benefits of powder coating aluminum extrusions

It gives you a wide range of stunning, glowing color choices.

The coating is thick and it connects to the aluminum, so it doesn’t flake or peel easily.

Powder coating can preserve its finish for up to 20 years. It is noted for its resistance to chemicals, corrosion and weather.

Efficiency. Because of the electromagnetic energy used to apply the powder to parts, there's almost no waste in the powder coating process.

Other than that there are more benefits of powder coating;

Environmentally friendly.

Low Cost.




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