Door & Windows Systems

Door & Windows Systems

Although many other materials are used in door and window systems, aluminum systems are the most preferred ones due to their cost-efficient advantages. They also provide the highest performance for both manufacturers and end-users.

From residences to businesses, the door and window systems of a wide range of buildings are made of aluminum. As Six Metal, we and our solution partners can offer long-lasting, affordable, and customizable systems for you and your business.

Besides these systems will serve as great insulation tools, they can be produced in different sizes and shapes to perfectly fit your needs. You can find all industry-standard sizes or place an order for custom dimensions according to your needs by simply contacting our sales team.

It is worth noting that aluminum systems used in doors and windows offer a great advantage in terms of maintenance and repair compared to other systems. Moreover, it is the most environmentally friendly alternative available on the market.

You can add resistance to your products with the help of our aluminum door and window systems. Please feel free to view our product portfolio or contact us to get more information. You can always receive a free quote by contacting our sales team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aluminum is great for windows. Thanks to its lightweight yet durable structure, it offers great versatility in architecture. In addition to this, the fact that you can color aluminum in different colors is another reason that makes it great for windows. Designers can also order aluminum profiles in their desired shape and size. As a Six Metal, we are ready to become your next aluminium profile supplier.

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