Facade and Skylight Systems

The façade and top of the building are the parts that are exposed to extreme conditions in every season. This is where facade and skylight systems come in very handy. Besides offering you a visually appealing image, they can improve the comfort of the residents within the buildings.

Six Metal and its solution partners offer advanced, recent, quality, and affordable facade and skylight systems for its clients. Since these systems have to carry quite large and heavy glasses or other materials, they must be durable. However, they also need to be lightweight enough to reduce the pressure.

Considering that these parts are often exposed to increased sunlight or extreme weather conditions, they also are flexible enough to keep carrying the materials on them for many years. This is where our experience and expertise may be highly useful.

As Six Metal, we offer a wide range of façade and skylight systems that can perfectly fit all kinds of projects. However, if you believe that the product or system you are looking for is not available in our product portfolio, you can contact us.

We can help you with your customer needs and orders. Our sales team can provide the consultancy you need and submit a free quote for your needs.

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