Sliding Systems

No one can underestimate the comfort that sliding systems offer to end-users. These systems are one of the most preferred systems in all contemporary designs and offer the utmost comfort in our daily lives. Without a doubt, these systems would not be this popular without the contribution of aluminum.

As Six Metal, we offer custom, ready-to-use, and industry-standard aluminum profiles for sliding systems with our solution partners. Besides offering affordable alternatives for your production lines, we also do not give up on the quality to ensure customer satisfaction and improve customer experience.

Aluminum is the ideal material for sliding systems due to its lightweight and durable structure. It allows you to create more practical designs and products that will help you to build customer loyalty. In this regard, Six Metal feels proud of being the largest supplier of many famous brands all around the world.

If you would like to enjoy premium quality sliding systems that promise a long-lasting lifetime, added durability, and corrosion resistance, we can serve you too. We are here to add value to your production lines with our industry-standard or custom systems.

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Aluminium Profile Catalog