Advertisement Profiles

Advertisement Profiles

Today, all billboards are made of aluminum material due to their lightweight yet durable structure. Depending on the size of the billboards, the wall thicknesses of advertisement profiles may vary. In this regard, we offer profiles with 2 millimeters thicknesses for small billboards.

Due to the nature of billboards, they must be eye-catching, and aluminum serves this purpose. These profiles are designed to be interlocking with corner clips. In this way, the posters inside of these structures will be fully sealed.

We offer advertisement profiles that can be easily disassembled and reassembled for practical design. Besides profiles for small billboards, we also offer large aluminum profiles that are capable of carrying heavy boards.

All our advertisement profiles are produced by industry-leading producers that are experts in their fields. Besides offering industry-standard profiles, we can also help you and your company in providing custom aluminum profiles. You can request custom dimensions and wall thicknesses depending on the product you are working on.

Please feel free to contact Six Metal for your questions or custom needs. We and our solution partners can provide you with turn-key solutions. Our sales team can also provide you with a free quote depending on your needs and preferences.

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