Furniture Profiles

Furniture Profiles

Aluminum profiles are one of the most preferred materials in numerous industries. Although profiles include a wide range of products, furniture profiles stand out with their practical and functional purposes.

Today, aluminum furniture profiles are considered the best complementary parts of every piece of furniture. Besides their functionality, they are also long-lasting and cost-effective materials. As Six Metal, we offer numerous ready-to-use aluminum profiles in this category together with our solution partners.

Thanks to our comprehensive product portfolio, you can find the desired shape and size for your usage purposes. From sliding systems to kitchen cabinets, you can prefer our aluminum furniture profiles for any furniture. Our profile solutions will allow your furniture design work without any challenge or interruption.

As a company, we pay utmost attention to the style of our products as much as we pay attention to their functionality. Thus, we offer your business an opportunity to not only produce functional but also appealing furniture. We are going to add value to your projects with our quality products and years of experience in the industry.

Although our wide range of product portfolio includes all kinds of aluminum furniture profiles you need, we can also help you with custom orders. You can contact us at any time. Our customer representatives will be happy to serve you.

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