Roller Shutter Profiles

Roller Shutter Profiles

Shutter systems, which are available in most residences, are one of the factors that ensure heat isolation. Their main purpose is to serve as a barrier between outdoors and indoors. In this regard, roller shutter profiles are the most important elements that ensure this purpose.

Thanks to the high durability and strength of aluminum, today, almost all shutter products are made of this material. Besides residences, roller shutter profiles are also used in many industrial facilities. They offer advanced heat and sound isolation together with aesthetics.

As Six Metal, we and our solution partners offer all kinds of roller shutter profiles that are compatible with all the shutters in the market. You can check out our available roller shutter profiles within this category. We also coat our profiles with electrostatic powder paint to ensure their longevity.

Thanks to this application, our roller shutter profiles also gain a high corrosion resistance. As a result, producers will not have to worry about color fading or the loss of color for many years.

We can help you with our industry-leading roller shutter profiles that will ensure quality production processes for your company. Please feel free to contact us for your customization needs or receive a free quote.

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