Sigma Profiles

Sigma Profiles

Sigma profiles are one of the most demanded and popular profiles used in various industries. Although they may be one of the most widespread profiles on the market, they are also one of the most challenging profiles to produce. In this regard, Six Metal and its solution partners can easily meet your custom needs and expectations.

What makes Sigma profiles special is each of their extrusion molds must be drawn with technical drawing and processed with extrusion. As an industry standard, all sigma profiles are produced with aluminum 6060 alloys.

Aluminum 6060 alloy is a material that is suitable for anodizing processes. Thus, we offer better corrosion resistance in our sigma profiles. Besides offering extra corrosion resistance, anodizing also helps us to improve the durability of our profiles, which provides an added visuality.

Six Metal and its solution partners can also produce sigma profiles made of other aluminum alloys depending on your and your business’ needs. In addition to our sigma profiles with 6, 8, and 10 millimeters wall thicknesses, we can also offer profiles with custom thicknesses.

If you are looking for a reliable solution partner for your supplies and operations, Six metal will be glad to offer its services to you.

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