Standard Profiles

Standard Profiles

Six Metal offers a wide variety of standard profiles to its customers with its solution partners. We serve our customers and meet their demands with standard profiles available in many different sizes and wall thicknesses.

In this regard, we offer round tubes, T-profiles, rectangular tubes, flat tubes, L-profiles, U-profiles, square tubes, H-profiles, equal angle profiles, round bars, flat bars, flat oval profiles, square bars, hexagon tubes, hexagon tubes with round inside, hexagon bars, and Z-profiles.

Besides our industry-standard profiles, we can also help our customers and offer profiles in custom sizes and wall thicknesses with our industry leading business partners. We would like to emphasize that all our products are produced with premium-quality raw materials.

If you would like to learn more about our products, you can find all of them in this category. We believe these industry-standard profiles can easily meet your needs and expectations. However, if you are working on a new product and need a custom profile, we can provide solutions to you with our partners.

You can contact us at any time to get a free quote or learn more about what we can do for you to meet your custom needs with our premium quality standard profiles.

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